(watch until the end :)

So this was a blessing in disguise; I came home from school one afternoon and was surprised as all hell to find mom doing cardio in my own room - I knew she was able to persuade dad to get her that treadmill she kept on yammering on about but I was wondering why the hell it was here now, truly too perplexed to register the massive breasts that were jumping up and down (her cleavage was nothing new to us). Mom, ever the intuitive woman, must’ve noticed my confused look and started talking nonchalantly while running.

"Hey sweetie… your dad, he didn’t want this in his room and there’s no where else to put it… so it’s going to be here for just a little bit okay?"

I thought for a moment. Makes sense, though I was still a bit peeved. “Wait, so you’re saying he didn’t want to enjoy this view?” She slowed down her pace and stared at me. I also wondered why the hell I said that, I usually don’t speak without a filter but I was pissed (at him, really) and it was a valid question in the end, and she smiled at me as if it was a joke. “I guess not…”

I stood there for a second looking back at her, afraid to look down at that cleavage and she added, “You think you’ll enjoy it?”

I thought carefully this time, but wondered what was the worst I could lose. “Obviously!”

"Good! So you won’t have a problem with this then." And with that she picked up the pace and continued waving those tits in my presence, putting her headphones back on and ignoring my gawking, which I’m assuming now she was okay with. I must’ve stared at them for like ten minutes and right before I left my room, when we looked at each other she just smiled at me again and winked.

Well the next few days after that were interesting, as she moved back her workout sessions a bit, waiting for me to come home before entering my room and running, and I would just sit there and watch her in all her glory, trying with all my might to not touch myself though I think she was aware of my struggle.

One day I came home and found some of my porn videos open on the computer - of busty mothers, no less - with her waiting for me on my bed.

"Son, I don’t think you need that porn anymore, you know all it does it take up space on the computer right?"

A trivial argument but I was still wondering why she brought it up in the first place. “Well, mom, you do know guys have needs, right?”

"Right, son…" there was a bit of hesitation now. "But I was just thinking, since you seem to enjoy it when I’m running here, that I could be your… ‘inspiration’ instead?"

Truth be told she already was, images of her body running through my head on many late nights as I jerked myself off to sleep, and while I did have plenty of good material on the desktop I wasn’t keen on deleting, they paled in comparison to what my mom was offering, and so I agreed.

She became excited. “Good! It’s great, because you know, your father was having second thoughts about this treadmill and thought it was a headache for you, so-“

"I’ll tell him he’s wrong!"

"Thanks baby…" Mom was taken aback by my enthusiasm, but flattered also, and so with our little win-win deal in place she started jogging as I deleted all of those files in front of her, turned around and wondered awkwardly where to go from here. Again, Mrs. Intuition led the way, and with ease started talking in a much more seductive tone: "Now it’s your turn to show me what you’re working with… come on sweetie… show me how much you love me…" on and on as my dick grew in my shorts.

It didn’t take long for me to close the door and stroke it right there, and now she had something to affix her eyes to. I came within minutes and she kept on whispering “That’s right, baby, that’s right…” while running. It became our daily ritual of sorts, and we became closer and better at it. Lately, to really go all out, when she sees me about to climax, she will take off her own shirt and bra so I can get a good look at the mammaries which once nursed me, now bouncing in all their naked glory so that my cumshots can be as big as possible. She gets off the treadmill shortly after, and we’re both panting, though she still has the energy to come to me and give me a kiss; first on the forehead, and bending down and kissing the tip of the shaft, before winking and exiting the room.